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We are a Latin America Distributor Group with more than 10 years of experience helping businesses expand their global presence into Latin American markets, by importing and commercializing their products throughout the region.
 Our specialty is food consumer products and focusing on market growth potential.
Latin America, Distributor, LATAM
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Where we are

  • Owned distribution in Colombia & Peru.
  • We have a local network of distributors and retailers throughout the region.
  • Providing market entry solutions to open new markets for your products.

What we do

Supply Chain

Our teams are experts in importing, customs clearance, product registration, local transportation, warehousing, and order fulfillment.

Brand Positioning

We make sure to have a true understanding of the brand positioning, to be able to replicate that throughout the region and build marketing campaigns in a cohesive manner.

Product Visibility

Our network includes any channel where a consumer can purchase a good. We use this to our advantage to ensure optimal product visibility to guarantee sell-out of our products.

Some of our brands

Get in touch with us

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